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Towers 3 + 4

B.S.R. Towers 3 + 4

A project in the middle of BBC, Bnei Brak’s new business center.

These office towers are characterized by extremely high construction standards. The towers’ facades are a mix of curtain walls and aluminum. The towers, which are near the future light rail lines planned for Jabotinsky Street, look out onto a spectacular view of Yarkon Park. A modern commercial center was built between the two towers. B.S.R. 3 is a 35-story office tower atop a commercial floor and underground parking levels, and it was occupied in 2013. B.S.R. 4 is a 40-story office building atop a commercial level and underground parking. It was occupied in 2016.



Bnei Brak

Avner Yashar Architects

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