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The Success of


We dream up buildings

and build up dreams

The B.S.R. Group is a leading engineering group that specializes in planning, building, and managing real estate projects in Israel and throughout the world. For 40 years, the group has been led by Nachshon Kivity, along with a team of professional managers.

The B.S.R. Group’s resume boasts over 100 large-scale, complex residential, office, and commercial projects that have all been successfully completed and occupied. B.S.R. enjoys an excellent reputation based on its capabilities in real estate project management, planning, and execution, while maintaining uncompromising standards of building quality and compliance with budgets and deadlines. The group is also highly trusted by the banking system, and our projects are supported by the leading banks in Israel. Over the years, B.S.R. has initiated and built over 4,000 residential units and over a million square meters of office and commercial space in Israel. B.S.R. is also a key player in urban renewal, with over 6,000 residential units currently in advanced stages of initiation, planning, and licensing in the major cities of Israel.

Our Vision

From the Desk of the Chairman and Owner

I can still remember the first time I entered B.S.R.’s offices as a young engineer, as if it was yesterday. Even then, in 1981, I knew I had arrived at a place that would become like a second home to me.

I joined B.S.R. as a building engineer after having graduated from the Technion, and I had a vision that this is where I would stay, grow, and develop. That’s why I was never interested in other companies. And indeed, till today I have enjoyed every moment of working here. I enjoy the planning, the execution, and the final results of every project. For me, there’s nothing quite like looking at a finished building in which I was involved in all the details from the project identification stage, through marketing, planning, and execution, culminating in final occupancy

B.S.R. was established in 1967 and completed the first project carried out through the auspices of the purchasing group in 1986, in Kiryat Rishon LeZion. The purchasing group was my original idea, one that changed the face of real estate in Israel. The uniqueness of the B.S.R. Group lies in the fact that it is an engineering company that has for years demonstrated its professional excellence, reliability, precision, and meticulousness, applying managing, planning, and execution capabilities to complex engineering projects for residential and office buildings alike. B.S.R. views the members of the purchasing group as partners in every sense of the world and makes sure they are informed on all developments, big and small. B.S.R. adheres to budget planning and control, as well as protecting our project partners’ rights. For every project, we work in conjunction with first-rate consultants and planners, including architects, engineers, contractors, and more. A large part of our work with them is carried out in the field. To this day, I enjoy my many tours of our building sites, and when I return to the office, I love shaking the dust off my shoes.

At B.S.R., we do everything in our power to make sure everyone is satisfied.

Indeed, over the years, our clients have returned to us for additional projects, time and time again. We keep in close contact with our partners, update them frequently about new projects, and this is how we turn our project partners into ambassadors of goodwill. At B.S.R., we believe in the power of marketing through word of mouth.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the B.S.R. Group’s professional team, who was worked alongside me for all these years, for their dedication and professionalism. I consider each and every one of them partners in the success of the B.S.R. Group.

Eng. Nachshon Kivity

Owner and Chairman of the B.S.R. Group

Our Values


Transparency is one of our guiding principles and is a cornerstone for how we treat our clients, landowners, and tenants in urban renewal projects.

It’s all about the people

At B.S.R., we’re first and foremost people. We see the significance of the word “service” in a daily basis – in our professionalism, in the close support and genuine attention we give our clients, and the customized solutions we provide.

Harmony of Professionals

Time after time, the people at B.S.R. meet the challenge of choosing the best professionals who will be able to turn plans into facts on the ground. To that end, these professionals meet our demand for a balanced and harmonious working relationship.

Designing Success

B.S.R. Group’s uncompromising professionalism is also reflected in the aesthetics and design of every one of our projects. That’s why, for every project, our best architects work hard to implement designs that will become the talk of the town tomorrow.

Engineers in the Field

B.S.R. Group’s essential uniqueness is based on the implementation of our extensive engineering knowledge in the field. B.S.R.’s people don’t simply rest comfortably in their offices; they make sure to personally accompany every stage of planning and execution, while applying their uncompromising professionalism, down to the smallest details of every project.

Technological Innovation

The B.S.R. Group integrates the most up-to-date technological innovations in its large variety of projects, placing them at the forefront of progress, with a view to the future and ensuring an up-to-date customer experience.

Building for People

B.S.R. Group has taken an active role in the “Adopt a Soldier” project for several years. We have acually adopted the entire elite Egoz unit of the IDF.

Our Sponsored IDF Unit – the Egoz Commando Unit