From the desk of the Chairman of the Board and Owner

 I remember the first time I ever walked into B.S.R. offices as a young engineer, as if it was yesterday. Even then, back in 1981, I felt that I had arrived at a place that would become my home. I joined B.S.R. as an engineer, a graduate of The Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), and had a vision of B.S.R. as the place in which I want to stay, to grow and to develop. That is the reason why other companies have never drawn my eye. From that day onward, I've been enjoying every moment of work at the office. I enjoy the planning, the development and the final result of each and every project. For me, there's nothing quite like looking at the complete construction of a building in which I was involved in every detail, as of the location of the project, its marketing, planning, development, and finally, settling tenants in it.
B.S.R. was founded in 1967, and constructed its first project as an acquisition group in 1986, in Kiryat Rishon LeZion.
The acquisition group concept is an original idea of mine, one that had changed the real estate field in Israel. B.S.R. is a unique company, due to the fact that it is an engineering company that has been professionally working over the years, exhibiting credibility, punctuality and meticulousness, alongside planning and development management capabilities pertaining to complex engineering projects, both residential as well as offices. B.S.R.'s acquisition group members are full partners, and are regularly updated by the group regarding each and every development of the project. B.S.R. meticulously manages budget planning and supervision, as well as the rights of the projects' partners. We work in full cooperation with leading advisors and planners regarding each and every project, among which are architects, engineers and contractors, with whom a substantial part of the work is performed at the site itself. By the way, I still enjoy many tours of work sites, and upon my return to the office, I enjoy brushing the dust off my shoes.
At B.S.R., we do everything we possibly can to make sure everyone is satisfied. And sure enough, over the years many customers have returned, time and again, for additional projects. We regularly maintain close liaisons with our partners, frequently updating them as to upcoming projects, thereby turning our partners into ambassadors of good will. In addition, at B.S.R. we believe in word of mouth.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank B.S.R.'s professional team, which has been with me over the years, for its dedicated professional work. I think of each and every one of them as a partner to B.S.R.'s success.

Engineer Nahshon Kiviti
Owner and Chairman of the Board, B.S.R. Group

About B.S.R. Group

About Us
B.S.R. Group is a leading engineering group, specializing in real estate projects management, both in Israel as well as worldwide. The group has been led by Engineer Nahshon Kiviti for the last 35 years, along with a team of professional managers. The group envisioned and founded the field of acquisition groups in Israel, and has been leading it for the past three decades, using a self-construction method named "The B.S.R. Method".
B.S.R. Group enjoys great reputation that is based on its management, planning and development capabilities pertaining to real estate projects, while meticulously keeping up with both budget and schedule. Over the years, the group has initiated and developed thousands of residential units, and hundreds of thousands of square meters of commercial spaces and offices in Israel, the US and Europe.
The group actively partakes in the Association for the Wellbeing of Israel's Soldiers projects, in which it has been adopting "Egoz" special combat unit for several years.
A Winning Group
B.S.R. Group is the founder of the concept of acquisition groups in Israel, which became the "B.S.R. method", a brand created with much labor. According to the concept the group developed, those who join the acquisition group become developing-partners, under the management and supervision of B.S.R. Group. The "B.S.R. method" significantly reduces project costs, from the get go and until completion.
Thinking Ahead
B.S.R. Group maintains many years of experience, as well as profound knowledge, accumulated over 30 years of activity, which enable it to constantly analyze the real estate market from an aerial point of view. Therefore, the group understands and analyses the market and its trends in the long run, and acts accordingly. The group's professional team gathers accurate suitable information, identifies the potential, calculates all data, then accordingly chooses the right project, at the right time, in order to create yet another success. Therefore, the group's moto is "First we think, then we act".

It's All About the People

B.S.R.'s professionals are first and foremost people. At B.S.R., the word "Service" maintains day-to-day meaning, whether regarding our professionalism, our personal guidance or the genuine attentiveness our clients enjoy, while we tailor personalized solutions for them. This attitude has been creating steady relationships of mutual respect for over 30 years.
 A Harmony of Professionals
B.S.R. team handles the challenge of successfully choosing the finest professionals who will turn plans into field work, time and again. This requires a balanced harmonic connection between the professionals, a synergy in which each person optimally brings forth their personal aptitude, rendering the whole greater than the sum of its parts.
Designing Success
B.S.R. Group's uncompromising professionalism also encompasses the aesthetic and designing aspects of every project. Therefore, architects who work with the group find the design concept that will become tomorrow's talk of the day, in each project.
Progressing Progressivism
These days, those who don’t run ahead, linger behind. Constantly seeking the most updated technological innovations and implementing them in our projects, for the wellbeing of our partners, is our cornerstone. B.S.R. stands at the forefront of technological progress.



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